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Nigerian Companies Steal Ideas of Job Seekers Without Compensation?

So, for a while now, I have been hearing stories of how some companies in Nigeria allegedly advertise job openings with the intention of stealing the ideas of prospective candidates under the false pretext of
conducting an interview.

According to the story, they would make you divulge all your ideas, when they are through with you, they'll promise to contact you but they never will.
 The worst part is, you do not get any form of compensation for your "work", neither are you given credit.

I noticed this happens in the "creative industry" alot.

Popular writer, NaijaSingleGirl collaborated the story and shared her experience .........

A popular advertising agency did this to me in 2016. 'Interview' went on for a month. Weekly invitations and home assignments on the campaign strategy for a product launch.
We were 20 candidates on the first week and by the 3rd week we were down to five. They gave us a proper breakfast and buffet lunch each time we were invited. I thought they were just being nice. All that free food?
I gave in my all because I fell in love with the place and I wanted the job. Luckily, me and some other girl made it to the last two. The hiring manager told both of us to round up everything in a proper power point presentation. She said "Bring your a game"
I spent one week on this.
They invited us over on the 5th week for the final presentation for their top level staff.
It went well.
They congratulated me, CEO shook hands, said they were impressed, asked me my most bizarre business idea and said they will get back to us.
One month passed, no mail.
Two months later, I saw my campaign replicated online. 70% were my ideas including the banner ideas and mock press release.
I went to LinkedIn to find the names of the staff I could remember with a reminder that i am still waiting.
Mails still ignored to this day.
Another company tried something similar. This one was a digital marketing firm. They gave me a general assignment along with other candidates before looking at my résumé and when they found out I had a background in Insurance, they changed only mine and issued a shorter deadline.
I had a friend working there so I stylishly found out an Insurance company had contracted them for a campaign, the same campaign they gave me as 'weekend test'
I Did Not Do.
Stay woke.


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