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Twitter User Explains Why You Should Never "Under Price" Yourself to Keep a Customer

 I was doing my usual Social Media waka roll, when I stumbled on what this man shared about business and under pricing yourself. 

Immediately I read it, I remembered what happened to me some years back. Let me gist you guys small toryy tell you guys a story.........

A friend of mine reached out to me that she wanted me to provide cupcakes for her as she was hosting an event.

I obliged and we talked about her specifications for the cake and all. Then it got to the almighty "price talk"  the point where we would discuss my fee.

I stated what I would charge and suddenly the tone of her voice increased....she went

"Ah ah!! No oh!! I can't pay that. As a matter of fact, someone gave me something cheaper. She gave me at so so rate".
I scratched my head *in my mind that is😓*.
I wasn't going to make tangible money from her order, but at least it would cover my cost. Most importantly, my business was a new one and I needed clients, so I took the order
May I add that she did not pay a deposit for her order. I told myself, she is my friend, so getting the money won't be an issue.

So off to my bakers shop I went, bought all the things I needed ahead of time. I intended doing an all nighter/ early morning baking, so the cakes will be fresh and cool, so I could ice them later.

Guess what happened, she called the day I was to bake (which was a day before the event) cancelling her order.
She did not give any concrete reason for the cancellation save the excuse that she had made alternative arrangements.

To say I was disappointed is an understatement, I was crushed. Any young business owner trying to get clients and jobs will know this feeling.

The truth is that just like the twitter user rightly said, if you price and present yourself kobo kobo cheaply, your clients won't take you seriously.

I'm not saying you should not give discounts, but it should not be discounts that would undervalue your brand/ product.
May I add that you should always ask for your DEPOSIT UPFRONT. Even if it is your mama!.(Uhmm..*SMH*If you are a Naija child, you'll know why I'm scratching my head right now 😨😱).

But seriously, everyone should help yah "ministry grow" and flourish.


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